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Very useful bookmarklet for everyone who loves typography and web design.

Do you want to know what web font is used in any page that you visit?.

Go here , and drag the big blue navy button to your bookmark bar (IE,Chrome, Firefox, Safari), click it when you are ready, and then click on the text that you want to know what web font is. So simply.


We’re the same.

#IBelieveInSherlockHolmes #SherlockMovement

One day we were in the make-up trailer and someone was brushing out Benedict’s stunt double’s wig - and we decided to put Martin in it. We put Sherlock’s coat on him and stood him on top of one of the make-up chairs so he looked tall and took the photo from low down. And when Benedict came in we got the make-up assistant to ask him to autograph the photograph. She handed it over - and this is how Benedict’s mind works - and he went “I don’t remember wearing my coat with that colour scarf”

Lara Pulver - Radio Times interview 10/01/12


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Doctor Who: “The First Question” - 50th Anniversary Trailer (HD)

I would have you right here on this desk until you begged for mercy. Twice.

Poster Remake | [X-Men: First Class] - asked by -snowwhite, killaheart